TRIOPTICS GmbH strengthens management board

TRIOPTICS GmbH, a leading manufacturer of optical measurement technology, introduces Mr. Steffan Gold as second managing director.

The founder and managing director of TRIOPTICS GmbH, Eugen Dumitrescu is taking important steps in order to ensure a top management team able to keep pace with fast growth of TRIOPTICS. After having decided to start the building of the new headquarter in Wedel, Germany, Eugen Dumitrescu is consolidating the management board by committing Mr. Steffan Gold to become a second managing director. “We have known and trusted each other for years. This makes me happy to have won him for this position,” Eugen Dumitrescu says.

Steffan Gold has 25 years of experience in the optical industry. 1989 he began his career path in marketing and sales at Leica Camera AG. In 2002 Steffan Gold was appointed as a general manager of Viaoptic GmbH in Wetzlar, Germany, and in 2009 he joined Satisloh, a leading supplier of optical machinery for precision optics, where he was also appointed as managing director. Additionally, Steffan Gold acts as board member of OPTENCE, a network of excellence for optical technology in Germany.

By having hired Steffan Gold TRIOPTICS gains strength in the development and implementation of effective strategies for a market-orientated corporate management. Steffan Gold confirms: “I am looking forward to taking up the new challenges at TRIOPTICS. The company provides great future potential.”


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