Measuring Process of a Standard Sample

PrismMaster® measuring process of a standard sample
PrismMaster® measuring process of a standard sample

There is no easier way of achieving an immediate and ultra-accurate angle value of plano-optic components. The new software provides fully automated measurement of standard prisms and polygons:

PrismMaster Software main screen
PrismMaster Software main screen

  • Prism Configurator for the easy definition of non-standard and compound prisms
  • Automated ray tracing for:

    • reconstruction of the sample geometry
    • classification and selection of the detected images, incl. automatic detection of internal reflections, e.g. in 90° prisms
    • refractive index calculation
    • virtual transmission measurement of deflection angles

  • Input of tolerance ranges and pass/fail classifications
  • Evaluation, display and recording of the measurement results according to ISO