OptiCentric® Linear PRO – Automated High Speed Inspection and Centration Measurement of Lens Systems

Centration measurement of achromates on a tray

With OptiCentric® Linear PRO, TRIOPTICS presents the first centration measurement system, that can efficiently be used in serial or mass production. It allows the measurement of centration errors without the need for rotating the lens. This unique rotation-free measuring principle does not only dramatically reduce the inspection time but also allows a fully automatic measurement in badges.

Supported by the well-established and multi-lingual OptiCentric® software that was enhanced by a tried-and-tested production screen, all measurement results are presented in a way that is easy to interpret.

Key Features

  • Fast measurement with rotation-free, linear scanning test station
  • Automated tray system for measurement of high volume quantities
  • Precise and error-compensated linear axis acts as reference
  • Measurement accuracy < 1 µm
  • Samples positioned on trays that have a size of 150 x 150 mm²
  • Enhanced software that – adjusted to the production environment – shows the test results of all test samples


Centration measurement of lens systems in badges in serial production