Wavefront Measurement with Shack-Hartman Sensors

The WaveMaster® software is clearly structured, easy to use and contains all functions to measure and analyze the sample with the WaveMaster® instruments.

The software communicates with the Shack-Hartmann sensor and analyzes the measured wavefront in real time. In addition, it controls the WaveMaster® instruments.

Advantages of the Software

  • Menu-driven operator guidance
  • Simple and intuitive measurement and analysis of wavefronts and surfaces
  • One software package for everything: Data collection, data calculation, calibration and display of data, real-time analysis
  • Load theoretical data from ZEMAX and Code V and compare in real time during measurements
  • Instrument control

Further Details on the Software

BASIC functions:

  • Real-time measurement and analysis of wavefront
  • Display of

    • 2D- of 3D-wavefront, -fringes and –phase
    • PV and RMS
    • Intensity
    • Local slopes
    • Camera image

  • Absolute and relative measurement mode
  • Real-time comparison with master lens or design data
  • Wavefront and camera image averaging
  • Adjustable masking of measurement and analysis area
  • Storable configuration files
  • Certificates
  • Multiple analysis modules available

MTF/PSF analysis module:

  • Real time calculation and display 3D/2D MTF and PSF data
  • Table with MTF measurement results
  • Export function of measurement results
  • Calculation of Strehl ratio

ZERNIKE analysis module:

  • Real time Zernike fit and analysis of wavefront data
  • Numerical and graphical display of fit results
  • Import of theoretical wavefront data from ZEMAX and CODE V for real time comparison
  • Export of wavefront data and analysis results to ASCII and ZEMAX format
  • Display of Zernike coefficient trend


  • Autofocus function
  • Automatic finding of exit pupil plane
  • Automatic sample positioning (option)