ATS – Efficient production of high-precision optical assemblies: Meet us online!

In the context of the online symposium “Optomechanical Systems” of the Photonics Hub GmbH in cooperation with Photonics NL, on
September 24, 2020 at about 3:45 p.m
Dr. Christian Buss, Head of MPO (Metrology and Processes for Optics Manufacturing), holds a lecture with the title:
“Ultra-precision centering turning for high-performance optical assemblies”
(with the TRIOPTICS ATS series)
Learn how you can achieve decisive efficiency advantages in the production of high-precision optics by using an ATS adjustment turning machine.
We are looking forward to your participation:
ATS – Alignment Turning System

High-precision centering and machining of mounted lenses

During alignment turning, the mount edge and the flange surfaces of mounted spherical, aspherical and cylindrical lenses are produced so that the axis of symmetry of the mount coincides with the optical axis of the lens. UV or IR lenses can also be processed with high precision. The ATS alignment turning machine combines the proven OptiCentric® centration measurement system with an ultra-precise turning machine. This makes it possible to adjust and control all relevant parameters while processing the mount, such as the diameter of the mount or the distances of the lens from the contact surfaces of the mount. The high-precision measurement of decentering and the extremely accurate processing of the mount prevent cumbersome, iterative adjustment steps in the overall optical system. The intuitive operation results in operator-independent results during measurement and processing.