TRIOPTICS continues to expand in Asia and Australia.

TRIOPTICS GmbH, a leading manufacturer of optical measuring instruments, opens a subsidiary in Singapore for direct customer support in Southeast Asia and Australia.


Favoured by the outsourcing of many optical production facilities to Asia, a relevant economic area for the manufacture of optics and their development was able to establish itself there. TRIOPTICS GmbH, a leading manufacturer of optical measuring instruments, achieved the necessary close support and accompaniment of the production processes there by founding local subsidiaries in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

In order to transfer this success also to Southeast Asia, the company opened the subsidiary TRIOPTICS Singapore Pte. Ltd. in the city state of the same name on July 1, 2018. Danny Ng, a studied physicist, could be won as managing director. With his 18 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, eleven of which he spent in the field of optics development, he is already very familiar with the requirements of customers as well as with optical measuring instruments. He got to know the TRIOPTICS products in their daily use for testing the imaging quality of the optics he developed. “I am looking forward to equipping customers in Southeast Asia and Australia with the versatile systems from TRIOPTICS,” Danny Ng describes his new task. “In order to guarantee comprehensive support for all customers in the region, I will immediately set up a competent team of experts at TRIOPTICS Singapore.

The branch will act as a contact point for all sales and service-oriented requirements in the region. Besides Singapore, the focus is on the markets Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Australia. “The demand for high-quality measuring instruments from these countries has strongly increased in recent years,” says Managing Director Steffan Gold (TRIOPTICS GmbH), justifying the step to establish the subsidiary. “We are simply too far away from Germany for efficient support. Here TRIOPTICS Singapore with Danny Ng will make an essential contribution to act more closely with the customers and to meet challenges with solutions.

Danny Ng: General Manager TRIOPTICS Singapore

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