International distribution agreement for interferometry products

TRIOPTICS, Germany and InterOptics, USA today announce the exclusive partnership.

TRIOPTICS, Germany and InterOptics, USA announce the exclusive Distributor Agreement for TRIOPTICS, GmbH and its subsidiaries to market, sell, distribute and support InterOptics OptoFlat interferometer product line in selected international marketplaces. InterOptics will continue to market, sell, distribute and support its products in North America.

Through this partnership, TRIOPTICS GmbH and its listed subsidiaries will enhance the existing OptoFlat business successfully built under InterOptics, LLC and will begin sales and distribution of OptoFlat systems through its extensive global network. TRIOPTICS, GmbH with the ongoing support of InterOptics, LLC will strongly focus on product enhancements along with new product and application development for OptoFlat related products used for the precision measurement of optical surfaces.

Eugen Dumitrescu, CEO of TRIOPTICS GmbH, Germany commented: “We are excited to partner with InterOptics, LLC. OptoFlat and associated family of products fit nicely into our product portfolio and they actually fill some voids we had in the optical metrology market space. We are positive that with continual product and application development, we will experience impressive growth. We look forward to a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship with InterOptics for years to come.”

Dr. Chris L. Koliopoulos, Managing Director of InterOptics, LLC added: “It is clear that TRIOPTICS shares our passion for optical metrology, and we are confident they are the right partner to aid in our expansion of our high precision interferometry business. We look forward to building a strong partnership as we benefit from the significant experience in precision instrument manufacturing and the extensive global distribution network of the TRIOPTICS organization. I have known Eugen for many years and have been impressed with the highly respected optical metrology company he and his team have created”.

InterOptics, LLC was founded in 2016 by former CEO of Zygo Corporation, Dr. Chris Koliopoulos, along with distinguished colleagues to create a new optical metrology instrumentation company. InterOptics, LLC offers value-engineered high precision interferometric equipment to technology industries that manufacture or use precision surfaces, such as computer disks, optical components, laser mirrors, polished ceramic valves, and bare silicon wafers. For additional company information, please visit