At the Optatec 2022 trade fair in Frankfurt, TRIOPTICS presented the new ATS-C CNC alignment turning station for machining small, mounted lenses in short cycle times.

The ATS alignment turning stations from TRIOPTICS combine the proven OptiCentric® centration technology with a highly precise turning machine. The new ATS-C model was recently presented at the Optatec trade fair in Frankfurt. “This alignment turning machine is particularly interesting for customers who manufacture small, mounted lenses or currently do not fully utilize a turning station designed for alignment only,” says division manager Dr. Christian Buss. “The product portfolio, now expanded by the ATS-C, lets our customers individually select the most suitable alignment turning station to optimally meet their requirements.”

Featuring a horizontal design and CNC capabilities, the ATS-C can be quickly integrated into existing production environments as a full-fledged turning machine. Dr. Buss adds: “But it really shows its strengths when it comes to the alignment turning of small, mounted lenses – its primary application. Since the parts do not have to be aligned in the ATS-C, cycle times are usually shorter.” In addition, the system increases flexibility with regard to the design of the mount: Different methods can be used for mounting the parts on the turning station and individual mount contours can be machined as well.

The well-established ATS software was adapted for the ATS-C, with a particular focus on retaining the accustomed processing sequences. This enables an easy and quick realization from the design to the workpiece. Both the integrated measuring technology for centration testing and all machining processes are interlinked in one software program.

Alignment turning machine with full CNC capabilities