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Straightness measurement with electronic autocollimators

Optical measurement technology ensures precision in mechanical engineering

The precise measurement of machine components is a frequent requirement in mechanical engineering in the context of quality inspections. The focus is on a high level of precision as well as simple and software-supported operation. These requirements are met to a major extent by non-contact, optical measurement devices.


Straightness measurement of linear guides

Whenever linear guides for mechanical engineering applications go through final acceptance tests to qualify their straightness, a high level of precision is necessary for the measurement technology. The computer-supported electronic autocollimators of the TriAngle series measure the straightness of guide rails with a precision of up to 1 μm/m.


Measurement of parallelism and flatness

Electronic autocollimators of the TriAngle series are ideal for the high-precision, non-contact measurement of the parallelism of machine guides. A vertical profile along the direction of motion of a mirror on the rail is measured and evaluated using software support. In addition, measurement of the flatness of surfaces may be carried out.


Rotary table calibration with electronic autocollimators

Rotary tables are used for positioning tools and workpieces in machining centers. Non-contact measurement of the positioning accuracy of the rotary tables increases manufacturing precision. Rotary table calibration using electronic autocollimators of the TriAngle series only needs a short set-up time and is carried out with very high precision. The intuitive software ensures that the measuring process can be learned quickly.

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