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ImageMaster® Cine

Testing and fine-tuning of the image quality of large lenses and lens systems

High-quality lenses from the photo and film industry need to meet the highest demands for image quality and deliver demonstrably superior optical performance. The MTF measurement has established itself as the recognized measurement method for qualitatively assessing the optical quality of lenses. With its ImageMaster® product range, TRIOPTICS is the market leader for MTF measuring instruments for high-precision measurement of image quality.

Product Overview

ImageMaster® Cine Flex

Measurement of image quality and adjustment of high-quality photo and film lenses

ImageMaster® Cine Flex

Manufacturers of sophisticated photo and film lenses often test a large number of lenses of different sizes within a short period of time and need a highly accurate measuring device that can be used flexibly for different lens sizes. With its automated measuring sequence and the possibility of quickly changing between different lens sizes, ImageMaster® Cine Flex is the perfect solution for this requirement.

  • Fast quality and functional testing as well as alignment of optical elements

  • Flexible change between different sample sizes

  • Measurements  can be performed on-axis and off-axis

  • Simultaneous measurement of two off-axis positions with live MTF values allows for quick adjustment of lens elements to optimize the lenses optical performance

  • Adjustment for different sample heights with motorized stage

  • Measurement with sample rotation (manually or motorized)

  • Performance check on multiple field positions: 2 to 3 motorized telescopes

  • Off-axis angles up to 52.5°

  • Horizontal and vertical measurement set up: allows identification of loose lenses

  • Software with lens repair function

Technical Data
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ImageMaster® Cine Linear

Quality testing of photo and cine objective lenses

ImageMaster® Cine Flex

ImageMaster® Cine Linear ensures fast and economical quality inspections of photographic and film lenses and is particularly suitable for incoming inspection in the rental business.

  • Horizontal measurement setup for incoming quality control

  • On-axis finite and infinite measurements

  • EFL as well as FFL measurements

  • Two collimators for quick change of EFL

  • Different filters and reticles

  • Modulable LED (RGBW) light source

  • Option: Optical low pass filter

Technical Data
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ImageMaster® MF 200

MultiField MTF test device for lenses with large focal lengths

ImageMaster® Cine Flex

High quality lenses for the photography and film industry must meet the highest demands in terms of image quality and be shown to deliver the best optical performance.

For the qualitative evaluation of the optical performance of lenses, the MTF measurement instrument is suitable for use in development, quality control, production and incoming goods inspection.

  • Single seat tester for 360° MTF measurement of a lens by means of a highly accurate air bearing

  • As the lens is rotated, the MTF is measured continually at several field positions (MultiField = MF)

  • On / off axis MTF testing from multiple field positions

  • EFL range: 18-90 mm

  • Automatic x/y centering of optical axis

  • Rotational motorized air bearing stage

  • Certification traceable to international standards

  • User-friendly software with automatic OK / not OK result

Technical Data
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ImageMaster® Cine Flex

  • MTF on and off axis

  • Effective Focal Length (EFL)

  • Flange Focal Length (FFL)

  • Field curvature

  • Tilt of image plane

  • Depth of Focus (DOF)

  • Astigmatism

  • Focal shift

ImageMaster® Cine Linear

  • MTF on axis

  • Effective Focal Length (EFL)

  • Flange Focal Length (FFL)

  • Focal shift

  • Chromatic aberration

  • Object distances (image to object)

  • Zoom shift


  • Guided measurement process
  • Pass or fail output by checking MTF and EFL specifications
  • Measurement parameter and specifications saved in different configuration files; allows easy change between different samples
  • Live images of all telescopes / Live MTF curves on all telescopes (sagittal and tangential)
  • Scripting language for customer specific workflow / customer specific measurement process
  • Measurement protocol in pdf and MS Excel
  • Database storage of sample types, measurement results and pass/fail criteria
  • MTF vs. rotation angle:
    • Live graph for quick overview by rotating the lens manually
    • Motorized rotation with real time graph
  • Automatic movement of telescope and sample rotation to show MTF max and min
  • MTF live view during lens element alignment
  • Manual / motorized sample rotation to check success
  • EFL measurement

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