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ImageMaster PRO 9

MTF testing in mass production of mobile phone lenses

ImageMaster® PRO

Image quality and MTF tester for large series production

The ImageMaster® PRO series is the leading range of MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) measuring instruments for testing the image quality of mini camera lenses.  The mini lenses are used in smartphones, automotive applications, tablets, laptops and action cams. Known for their high accuracy and measurement speed, our MTF tester set industry-wide standards. ImageMaster® PRO instruments are considered to be the most successful MTF measuring systems in the production of single lenses and wafer-based objectives. The calibration of the devices is directly traceable to international standards.

Product Overview

ImageMaster® PRO 10

MTF testing with outstanding speed and accuracy

ImageMaster® PRO 10

ImageMaster® PRO 10 enables customers to significantally increase their yield. It is the fastest and most accurate MTF measurement system on the market for qualifying mobile phone lenses and other miniature lenses:

  • Measurement accuracy of 0.8 % MTF on-axis and 1.5 % off-axis

  • Measurement time of 1.3 seconds per sample (2700 UPH)

  • Up to 53 measurement points in 27 field positions (cameras)

  • Maximum Field of View 215° (optional)

  • Tele application for small field of view

  • Finite – Finite plane and sphere from 300 mm to infinity

  • Stable chamber temperature (+ / – 2 °C) realized by fans and checked by temperature sensors

  • Measurement traceable to international standards

  • Vibration insulated measurement chamber

  • Cleanroom compatible

ImageMaster® PRO X Compact

MTF industry standard meets compact design

ImageMaster® PRO X Compact

With the ImageMaster® PRO X Compact, we offer our customers the best price-performance ratio. The compact production tester is more precise, faster and more cost-effective than its predecessor.

  • Flexible setup (table-top device)

  • MTF on-/off-axis measurement accuracy: 1% / 2%

  • Cycle time of 1.5 seconds per sample

  • Max field of view: 215°

  • Up to 25 cameras with 49 measurement points

ImageMaster® PRO 10 Wafer

Testing of waver level lenses

ImageMaster® PRO 5 Wafer

The Image Master® PRO 10 Wafer has been designed to meet the requirements of quality assurance within the production of the new generation of wafer level objective lenses.

  • fully automatic testing of optical wafers in less than 1.3 seconds per lens

  • Wafer bow measurement

  • Highest FFL accuracy for spacer thickness determination

  • Tilt correction function (bow compensation)

  • Wafer of any size up to a diameter of 8 inch (200 mm)

  • measurement of lenses on circular or rectangular wafers or single lenses that are arranged in a tray

  • Easy loading due to kinematic mount and wafer rotation and shift adjustment tool

  • An assortment of pass and fail criteria allows use of the most suitable criterion for each type of lens

  • Measurement traceable to international standards

  • Cleanroom compatibility

ImageMaster® PRO SF

MTF testing of short finite distances


The ImageMaster® PRO SF is qualified for applications such as FOD (Finger-on-Display), endoscope optics, swallowable pill cameras or optics for gesture control. The setting of different finite distances makes a flexible and at the same time highly accurate MTF measurement possible.

  • Finite distances of up to < 1 mm (< 1 mm – 40 mm)

  • Setting of the finite distance with < 5 µm accuracy and < 1 µm resolution

  • Large field of view (up to 140° FOV possible after individual clarification)

  • Up to 99 measurement points in 50 field positions (virtual cameras)

  • Measurement time of 2.0 seconds per scan (depends on sample)

  • Measuring frequency up to 350lp/mm

  • Wafer variants on request (6“ & 8“ Wafer)

  • Measurement traceable to international standards

  • Cleanroom compatible

Applications ImageMaster® PRO


ImageMaster® PRO products measure the following parameters:

  • MTF on and off axis

  • MTF at best lens performance (tilt correction)

  • Multi frequency MTF measurement

  • Effective Focal Length (EFL)

  • Flange Focal Length (FFL)

  • Field curvature

  • Tilt of image plane

  • Depth of Focus DOF

  • Best focus position

  • Astigmatism

  • Relative distortion



The software for MTF testing in production

The recognized ImageMaster® PRO software, called MTF-PRO, features increased speed, advanced performance and clearly displayed test results. The optimized MTF algorithms are the result of the continuous improvement and TRIOPTICS´ years of experience in the field of MTF measurement.

  • Automatic pass or fail results based on a multitude of freely selectable criteria

  • Software enabling real-time images of all cameras

  • optional with reticle changer (RC), filter changer (FC) or with reticle and filter changer (RC/FC)

  • Individual setting of spatial frequencies for each camera

  • Settings to enable focusing curve for on-axis and/or off-axis cameras

  • Three security levels: setup files and critical functions are password protected

  • Storage of lens and batch data, data analysis via Excel

  • Intuitive graphical representation of the measurement data in order to detect lenses out of specification at an early stage

  • Polar diagram for displaying MTF symmetry in image field

Technical Data

ParameterImageMaster® PRO
ImageMaster® PRO
X Compact
ImageMaster® PRO
10 Wafer
Type Stand aloneTable top device Stand aloneStand alone
Optical set upInfinite-finite conjugatesInfinite conjugatesInfinite-finite conjugatesFinite conjugates
Max. spatial frequency 600 lp/mm600 lp/mm400 lp/mm350 lp/mm
Accuracy MTF on-axis0.8 % MTF (up to 350 lp/mm)1)1 % MTF (up to 250 lp/mm)1)0.8 % MTF (up to 350 lp/mm)1)2 % MTF (up to 200 lp/mm)1)
Accuracy MTF off-axis1.5 % MTF (up to 350 lp/mm)1)2 % MTF (up to 250 lp/mm)1)1.5 % MTF (up to 350 lp/mm)1)3 % MTF (up to 200 lp/mm)1)
Accuracy EFL
(Effective Focal Length)
4 µm4 μm5 µm-
Accuracy FFL
(Flange Focal Length)
4 µm5 μm4 µm 4 µm
time display on axis
1.3 sec/sample1.5 sec/sample1.3 sec/sample2)2.0 sec per scan2)
time display all off axis curves
1.3 sec/sample1.5 sec/sample1.3 sec/sample2)2.0 sec per scan 2)
Sorting time per sample
Throughput of samples
(Units per hour)
2,700 UPH3)2,400 UPH4)2,400 UPH4)1,700 UPH4)
Measurement points53 (27 field positions / cameras)49 (25 field positions / cameras)53 (27 field positions / cameras)2)> 53 (27 field positions / cameras)2)
(height x width x depth)
1,570 mm x 1,340 mm x 810 mm905 mm x 620 mm x 650 mm1,570 mm x 1,340 mm x 810 mm1,570 mm x 1,340 mm x 810 mm
Weight240 kg92 kg240 kg240 kg
Size of sample holder / scan table travelTray 150 mm x 150 mmTray 150 mm x 150 mmTray 220 mm x 220 mmTray 150 mm x 150 mm
Sample holder / trays3 point kinematic mount tray with certified reference flatness3 point kinematic mount tray with certified reference flatness3 point kinematic mount tray with certified reference flatness for wafer3 point kinematic mount tray with certified reference flatness for wafer
Sample quality classes4 quality classes4 quality classes4 quality classes4 quality classes
Cleanroom class FS 209 / ISO14644-1100 / ISO 51,000 / ISO 5100 / ISO 5100 / ISO 5
Light sourcehalogen light source (white LED optional)white LEDhalogen light source (white LED optional)halogen light source (white LED optional)
FilterVIS (NIR Optional) - all filters possible - Standard Photopic Eye FilterVIS - all filters possible - Standard Photopic Eye FilterVIS (NIR Optional) - all filters possible - Standard Photopic Eye FilterVIS (NIR Optional) - all filters possible - Standard Photopic Eye Filter
ACMmounted AutocollimatorExchangeable Autocollimatormounted Autocollimatormounted Autocollimator
CameraUSB 3.0USB 3.0USB 3.0USB 3.0

1)  Accuracy is measured on MTF peak values
2) Depending on the sample
3) 10 seconds for changing trays, 1 tray includes 148 samples
4) 1 tray including 148 samples / tray changing time 5 sec.

Upgrades & Accessories

  • Upgrades for field extension: Upgrade from ImageMaster® PRO 10 with 9 cameras to ImageMaster® PRO 10 with up to 27 cameras

  • Camera and objective exchange sets for measurement range extensions

  • Upgrade finite MTF testing between 20mm and 150mm object distance

  • FFL distance sensor

  • Barcoder reader

  • NIR and IR-light source

  • Variety of trays

  • Additional reticles in kinematic mount

  • Option for infinity adjustment

  • Spare part kits

Knowledge Base

More knowledge for experts

Are you interested in MTF measurement? Learn more in the Knowledge Base of ImageMaster® HR & Universal!