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Did you ever wish for an optical engineering specialist to help you with a tricky manufacturing or QA issue?  We have them, and the equipment that can help produce the superior product you envision.

TRIOPTICS USA has a wide range of our optical metrology products available for you in our Engineering and Prototyping centers. Our experienced engineers will work with you, using specific TRIOPTICS products that will test and optimize your prototype, assist with various issues in assembly or alignment, or show you better ways to assemble and test your final products.

Whatever you’re struggling with, we’re here to help. Using the TRIOPTICS USA Engineering and Prototyping services can reduce your time to market, develop precise and accurate optics and improve your manufacturing yield. Our products can help you with:

  • Optical Component Testing, including measurements of radius, interferometry, wavefront, lens thickness, and centration, as well as angle and refractive indicies;
  • Assembly & Testing of Lens Systems, including measurements of focal length, interferometry, wavefront, center thickness and air gap as well as bonding and cementing of doublets and alignment turning;
  • Testing of Image Quality, including MTF, as well as wavefront and on-axis MTF measurements;
  • Active Alignment of Camera Modules, including testing of camera modules as well as active alignment, assembly and testing.

There is no requirement to buy a TRIOPTICS product as part of this program.  However, should you have a future need to purchase one or more of our products – whether for component or validation testing or final assembly QA, any programming files that were used in your prototyping project will be included in your purchase and transferred to your machine when installed. That means no delays in getting started.

Contact us with your information and we’ll work with you to schedule some time in one of our two Engineering Centers in either California or Upstate New York. We look forward to working with you.

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