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During the last decades digitalization has increasingly influenced our lives. Virtual and augmented reality products are now changing reality as we know it. Our real environ-ment is replaced with digital images (Virtual Reality – VR) or enhanced with digital data (Augmented Reality – AR). TRIOPTICS offers various measurement solutions for VR and AR optics and thus enables the production of ever higher quality VR and AR products. To optimize technical product realizations TRIOPTICS offers various test solutions for VR and AR applications.

Eye Simulator

In the human eye, light enters through the pupil and is focused onto the retina by a lens. The amount of light hitting the retina is determined by the iris, which controls the diameter and size of the pupil.

ImageMaster® VR systems replicate this function of the biological eye. A camera with adjustable focus transmits the generated test images to an image sensor. The camera takes over the function of the human pupil and the image sensor the tasks of the retina.

Eyebox Scanning

VR and AR headsets must produce a uniform, realistic and pleasant image for many different people. Since the human eye is individually shaped, differences such as different pupil distances must be taken into account. The test devices of the ImageMaster® VR series therefore measure the test images within a certain limit – the so-called eyebox.

Stray light

Stray light can cause unwanted effects such as ghost reflections in the image plane, which can reduce image contrast. For optimal image quality, optical designers must be able to effectively characterize stray light effects caused by the facet-like structure of Fresnel lenses and by damage or contamination to the lens surface. ImageMaster® VR Series products measure the Veiling Glare Index to optimize the optical design of VR and AR eyewear.

“The VR and AR market offers great growth potential. TRIOPTICS is driving this development from the very beginning.”

Dr. Stefan Krey | Chief Technology Officer

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