Prototyping Services

Did you ever wish for an optical engineering specialist to help you with a tricky manufacturing or QA issue?  We have them, and the equipment that can help produce the superior product you envision.

TRIOPTICS USA uniquely supports our customers with rapid prototyping, testing and engineering support.  With facilities in Rancho Cucamunga, CA and Rochester, NY, we have over 10.000 square feet of facilities designed to support testing and prototyping your product on our optical metrology equipment. Our standard design tools include Solidworks, Zemax and 3D printing capabilities. Our facilities are ISO 9001 and ITAR compliant.

We provide the technical support needed so you can develop the best possible camera prototypes and small assemblies. With our active alignment technology, we can assist you in developing processes that result in high yield assemblies with the best imaging quality.  This support includes design and assembly process optimization, adhesive selection, manufacturing strategy and process optimization to reduce cycle time and support the ramp-up to high volume manufacturing.

TRIOPTICS USA has a wide range of our optical metrology products available for you in our Engineering and Prototyping centers. Our experienced engineers will work with you, using specific TRIOPTICS products that will test and optimize your prototype, assist with various issues in assembly or alignment, or show you better ways to assemble and test your final products.

Our experienced staff and wide range of product testing, alignment, bonding and process validation capabilities mean you walk out of our facility with an optimized product, a strategy to scale from prototyping to large-scale manufacturing, and – if you choose to buy your own TRIOPTICS optical metrology products, you’ll have a turn-key system, with all the programs and processes already vetted and tested in our  state-of-the-art engineering center. Come and test us out!

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Optical Component Testing

Take control of your optical components with TRIOPTICS Optical Component Testing Services. Let us help you with your process and your testing to ensure your optics are optimal for the application, and easily transferred into large-scale manufacturing.

  • Angle and Refractive Index

  • Radius Measurement

  • Interferometry / Wavefront Measurement

  • Centration Measurement

  • Lens Thickness Measurement

Lens System Assembly and Testing

Lens assembly requires precision measurements to guarantee superior results. Our trained staff can assist you in testing and improving your prototype and walk you through your assembly processes to easily transition into large-scale manufacturing.

  • Bonding and Cementing of Doublets

  • Center Thickness and Air Gap Measurements

  • Interferometry / Wavefront Measurement

  • Focal Length Measurement

  • Alignment Turning

Image Quality Testing

Image quality is essential to a high-quality optical system. Our engineers can assist you with a wide range of testing and measurement processes so that you can be sure your image quality is crystal clear.

  • Modulating Transfer Function (MTF)

  • Wavefront Measurement

  • On-Axis MTF

  • Camera Module Testing

  • Alignment Turning

Active Camera Module Alignment

Precision alignment of modules during assembly requires precise measurement and process. Our ProCam prototyping can optimize active alignment of camera modules through assembly and testing for a reliable, accurate final product.

  • Active Camera Alignment

  • Camera module assembly

  • Camera module testing


Our products Available for Prototype Testing