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It goes without saying that our responsibility does not end with the delivery of the equipment.

TRIOPTICS stands for high-quality, innovative optical measuring and manufacturing systems.
You can expect the same high performance from our reliable and competent service.

Today, TRIOPTICS manufactures the widest range of optical inspection and manufacturing systems: Autocollimators, angle measuring systems, MTF measuring systems, camera module testers, systems for camera module production, optical centration measurement devices, lens alignment and production systems and many more. With a close network of subsidiaries and partners around the globe and competence centers in Asia, America and Europe, we can support our customers quickly and competently.

Our service engineers and service technicians are regularly trained at our headquarters in Wedel and are available to you as your first point of contact.

Remote maintenance helps us to react quickly to your enquiries. Our service technicians are thus optimally prepared for deployment at your site.


Updates & Trainings

We make you and your measuring system fit!

Do you know the current software version of your TRIOPTICS system? When did you buy your TRIOPTICS measuring system?
We continuously develop our systems further. You can also benefit from this!

What about yourself? Are you familiar with difficult measurement methods or the last update of your system?

Whether it is a basic training or intensive course, during our training courses we can focus on your specific requirements. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with an individual service package. Whether you are working with an autocollimator, goniometer, camera module tester or other TRIOPTICS systems.

TRIOPTICS Updates-&-Schulungen


TRIOPTICS Servicepakete

Service and maintenance packages

Increase the performance of your measurement system with software updates, technical updates or retrofits.

Take advantage of the opportunity to plan for the entire usage phase when purchasing or updating your TRIOPTICS system in order to supply it continuously.

TRIOPTICS offers various service and maintenance packages to keep your TRIOPTICS system up to date and with the highest measurement accuracy. An annual inspection, validation or calibration of the measuring instruments guarantees the quality of your products.

  • Highest accuracy of the measurement system is ensured by checking the calibration and correlation

  • Regular calibration and re-certification of your measurement system

  • Regular, planned and pre-emptive maintenance reduce unplanned downtime

  • Attractive discounts on spare parts and consumables, as well as on software updates

  • Predictable costs for the measurement system. Whether autocollimator, MTF measurement system, systems for camera module assembly or other instruments for each system TRIOPTICS has a maintenance concept.

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Service requests, returning items and spare parts

We would like to ask our customers and users of our products to contact TRIOPTICS Service first if they have any service-related questions.

Our Customer Service team is available 5 days a week during the normal working hours depending on the world region (time zone).

TRIOPTICS Customer Service is free of charge during the whole warranty period for all systems purchased at TRIOPTICS or an official TRIOPTICS distributor.

Any service requests to TRIOPTICS Germany have to be issued via Online Service Request-Form. In the ticket system, all requests are maintained, processed, traced and always assigned to a process in an IT system.

Fill in any requested information and add a file if necessary.

For items to be returned to TRIOPTICS Germany please request a RMA Number (Return-Material-Authorization) via Online RMA-Form and add the received RMA-No. to the address field.

Delivery Address:

Strandbaddamm 6
22880 Wedel

If no RMA-No. can be found in the address field, TRIOPTICS cannot guarantee a fast processing of your service issue.

To contact TRIOPTICS Customer Service, please refer to the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of TRIOPTICS subsidiaries in your region. In case the system was supplied by a TRIOPTICS distributor, please contact them first.

Returning items:

SERVICE-Abteilung / RMA-Nr.:
Strandbaddamm 6
22880 Wedel

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