With immediate effect TRIOPTICS GmbH distributes the measuring systems for objective measurement of surface imperfections of optical components of the US company Savvy Optics Corp.

TRIOPTICS GmbH offers the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of optical measuring, testing and manufacturing technology for development, quality assurance and production. By the self-developed products, optomechanical parameters and imaging quality are determined, as well as a perfect alignment of optics is guaranteed. This product portfolio is now extended by a measuring system for the determination of surface imperfections. However, this is not an in-house development: TRIOPTICS GmbH will exclusively distribute the corresponding systems of Savvy Optics Corp. as a trade partner worldwide with immediate effect – exceptions are the USA, where the distribution is done together with the manufacturer, and the UK, where the products are not distributed by the TRIOPTICS network.

“This collaboration enables us to provide our customers with even more comprehensive and complete measurement solutions for the quality control of their optics,” explains Head of Sales Simon Zilian. “The SavvyInspector® is an objective measurement system that seamlessly fits into and complements our product portfolio.” The often-visual and thus subjective assessment of surface imperfection becomes an objective measurement with the help of the SavvyInspector®. In the process, automation features allow standardization of the processes and the result. They also reduce the engineering manpower required for objective imperfection assessment.

The cooperation affects not only the headquarters in Germany, but also all subsidiaries and most partners. “TRIOPTICS’ worldwide network provides us with access to new markets and strengthens distribution in our existing markets,” says Dave Aikens, owner of Savvy Optics Corp. A training program for all those involved has already begun. A demo unit for trial measurements is also available from TRIOPTICS.

About Savvy Optics
Savvy Optics Corp. headquartered in Connecticut, USA, is a world-renowned specialist in surface imperfections in optics. Since its founding in 2007, the company has provided products, services, and trainings in ISO and ANSI specifications and surface imperfection inspection.

SavvyInspector® SIL-4 for measurement of surface imperfections of planar and spherical optics.