PrismMaster® Flex increases productivity and flexibility in quality control.

With the PrismMaster® Flex, TRIOPTICS presents a versatile goniometer for optical production. The unique vertical design and a modular product concept make it a productive yet flexible solution for production-related quality inspection of prisms and plano optical components.

PrismMaster Applications

The PrismMaster® Flex with an electronic autocollimator in the swivel arm is ideally suited for the productive measurement of surface angles of manufactured prisms compared to a known reference prism. With measurement times of less than one second per specimen, the system delivers unbeatably fast results.

With the PrismMaster® Flex 1D, the position information of the swivel arm is recorded so that absolute surface angles and set-up angles can also be measured. In addition, the PrismMaster® Flex 2D records the position information of the test specimen table, which also allows three-dimensional angle relationships, wedge orientations and pyramidal angles to be measured.

Optional additional equipment with further collimators or autocollimators as well as a narrow band light source extend the measuring functionality in a flexible way. Depending on the expansion stage and additional equipment, the goniometer is also suitable for the transmission measurement of deflection angles or for determining the refractive index.

Since no compressed air connection is required for operation, the system has only minor installation requirements and can be used in different optical manufacturing environments. A tablet PC with touch screen and software in different language versions ensure fast and error-free operation in the production process. Subsequent upgrade options make the goniometer future-proof with regard to changing measuring requirements.

The goniometers of the PrismMaster® series from TRIOPTICS have been used for more than two decades for high-precision angle measurement on prisms, polygons, wedges and other plano optics. “Particularly in optics manufacturing, we receive requests from customers who are looking for a simple, fast and efficient solution for the quality control of their prisms. The prism geometries and thus the measuring tasks are becoming more and more complex and varied,” explains Dr. Florian Mathieu, Head of the Angle Measurement Department at TRIOPTICS. The developers at TRIOPTICS have taken up this challenge and developed a system whose flexibility is unique on the market – the PrismMaster® Flex.

The new goniometer PrismMaster® Flex is available in three versions for optimum adaptation to customer measurement requirements.

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