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OptiSurf® PRO AR Brochure

Precise testing of waveguide stacking

OptiSurf® PRO AR

Testing geometrical properties of AR waveguide stacks and plano-optical elements

OptiSurf® PRO AR is a measurement device for characterizing geometrical properties of single waveguides and other plano-optical elements and as well as stacks of waveguides. Stacked waveguides consist of two or three elements and the tilting of the individual elements relative to each other can cause unwanted color errors. The ® PRO AR accurately measures this tilt. The focus of the interest here is the tilt of the single elements of the waveguide relative to each other or to a mechanical reference. Another important application is the measurement of the total thickness variation (TTV) over the area of the waveguide as too much thickness variation will severely reduce the contrast (MTF) of the generated image

Whether you’re in manufacturing, research, or quality control of waveguide stacks or optical elements, the system enables measurements of individual center thickness and air gaps between components in a stack with sub-micron precision. It also analyzes tilt, surface shape and bow directly in the software.


The main measurement applications of the OptiSurf® PRO AR are the following:

  • Non-destructive characterization of the geometrical properties of single AR waveguides or plano-optical elements: measurement of gravitational sag, 2D thickness profile, total thickness variation, 1D and 2D wafer bow, etc.

  • Non-destructive characterization of the geometrical properties of stacked AR waveguides consisting of two or more waveguides with air gaps in between: 2D thickness profile, total thickness variation, 1D and 2D wafer bow, etc. for the individual waveguides as well as 2D tilt and distance (air gap thickness) between waveguides.

Factors affecting image quality:

  • Uneven thickness of layer/sample

  • Airgap/glue between the stacked layer

  • Tilt of layers

  • Internal bow of stacked layers


OptiAngle® 6 and OptiSurf®

  • Professional software support for operation, alignment, and measurement process.

  • Customizable software interface

  • Tilt, surface shape and bow are analyzed directly in the software

Technical Data

ParameterOptiSurf®PRO AR
Machine dimensions (h x w x d)1,900 mm x 860 mm x 860 mm
Sample dimensions (h x w x d)Max 200 mm x 200 mm, height max 100 mm
Sample weightMax 5 kg
Low coherence interferometer
Measurement range
Measurement wavelength
Measurement time

Up to 200 mm optical path
Up to 0.15 μm*
1,310 nm
1.4 s per 10 mm scanning range
Motorized X/Y sample tray
Yaw pitch error
225 mm x 225 mm
10 arcsec over 100 mm
Device under testWaveguide, VR Lens, Stacked waveguide, Planar optics

*2σ for the measurement of 100 mm air gap between optical surfaces

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